"I listened, motionless and still; And, as I mounted up the hill, The music in my heart I bore, Long after it was heard no more. "

William Wordsworth

From dreams, to visions, to reality! That sums up how my images ended up on these pages.

A fairy tale is what nature and wild life was for me growing up back in Pakistan. Looking at images of mountains, lakes, valleys, wildlife, I often wondered if all of this was real. Unreal for sure, and out of my reach.

Years passed since. Here I was, in U.S, working, as I had planned since my graduation. However, I often found myself dreaming about the images I saw back as a boy. All I wanted was to experience those images that I thought did not exist.

I decided to buy a Nikon film camera, but knew nothing about the ABCs of photography. And then, everything changed the day my nurse gave me a birthday present, a book about how to be a photographer! With limited time on my hand due to nature of my profession, I subscribed to magazines, practiced making images as much as I could. In the non digital photography age, I wrote notes after notes about settings of camera, details of images that I took, and followed the photography magazines to the letter. I even managed to win a Second Place for the featured contest in Popular Photography magazine, a picture of a local zoo polar bear shaking his head coming of water, with water drops flying around.

The rest as they say is history.

I have felt the power of nature like nothing else that compares. I have found that it heals, It comforts. It is a source of strength and peace of mind. Not only is it visual, but spiritual. It consoles my sadness, elates my joy and rejuvenates me as a whole!

Since then, I have been fortunate enough to have experienced the sheer joy of being close to nature at many places that I have visited, but none more than my visit to the polar regions in North Canada. It was soothing, but so raw! The effects of climate change were very apparent to me. For the first time I witnessed firsthand what I had been reading about. I felt right there and then, that it was necessary to show people what a beautiful place we have. A world that is worth saving, to leave intact, for our generations to come.

Thus, in addition to enjoying what I see and capture with my camera, photography has also given me a purpose, to do whatever little I can, to spread the word of preservation, through my images.

I hope that looking through these pages will inspire most of us, to promote healing of this planet we call home.

Thanks for coming along on this journey of pure joy, elation, healing, wonder and awareness. Let it begin!