Images From The Heart-The Book

The idea to bring my images to life in a book form happened a couple of years ago. It was exciting, but overwhelming at the same time. I gave it up, till about a year ago. While sharing images on social media, my friends and family encouraged me to write a book, thus the birth of a desire to go ahead and "just do it" notion. And now that dream is a reality!

This book comprises of images that I absolutely love, not only for personal reasons but also for the fact that a lot of dedication, planning, perseverance and patience went into them. And yes, a lot of luck as well.

In this book, I have tried to take the reader along with me, how I felt when those images were made. Each image has a special meaning for me. I hope the readers feel the same connection with each of the image, that I felt when they were made, and since.

It is a beautiful Hard Cover book, with a protective dust cover, a hard slip in case, in horizontal orientation.

Each page is 10 x 15 inches

Over 50 gorgeous images on a full page, printed on a beautiful paper, with description on the facing page

Shipping only to lower 48 states in U.S and Canada. Please inquire for shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and Internationally. Email at